important paul things you probably need to know

I live in Austin, Texas, with my wife and dog. I'm trying to make up for a college spent playing far too many video games by writing, coding, and learning to draw. Hey, look! That covers all of the categories up in that there navigation bar! What a coincidence.

Anyway, I created this site to share what I do, learn more about web design, and remove "MAKE A PERSONAL WEBSITE ALREADY" from my "things I probably totally need to do at some point" list.

Other things to know about me:

  • I do all the cooking. Cooking is fun!
  • I like to mow the yard with a reel mower instead of a gas or electric motor. It's fun when grass shoots out the back.
  • I'm not 100% certain that the comma after "Texas" in that first paragraph is necessary or grammatically correct, but it looked weird to not have it.
  • I deleted and re-started this section of the website probably five times before deciding how to present myself.
  • I am a homeowner. It happened much earlier than I expected.
  • I am a landlord. This also happened much earlier than I expected, which was never.
  • Christin was the first person ever to call me "Pladd," on the bus home from the first day of 7th grade. I don't know why I remember this event so well. If you are Christin and you have a copyright complaint for my usage of PLADD, please contact my lawyer.
  • I do not have a lawyer.
  • Wait, my brother is a lawyer. Does that count? Christin, talk to my brother.
  • I completed 25-man ICC pre-Cata. Afterward, I felt like I had beaten World of Warcraft and stopped playing. I started dating my now-wife a few months later. COINCIDENCE? Yes.
  • I have a vegetable garden, and I feel oddly satisfied seeing the plants grow freely without being harvested. Yes, my lovelies! RUN FREE.
  • I have never seen Zoolander.